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Our Vision

To be a distinguished company at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt, with multiple investments, and to be distinguished by our ability to lead and participate in the establishment of projects and companies with a well-studied scientific methodology, and strategic investments in major companies.

Investing our experience and values ​​to grow at all levels with the aim of becoming leaders in the global market, providing engineering excellence to customers, and achieving the highest level of value for shareholders by adhering to best practices in terms of wisdom and transparency.

We seek to consolidate our position as a leading company and a major partner in building and developing projects and distinguished and sustainable businesses. We seek to be the leading company specialized in contracting works, which enjoys a leading position in the markets to provide innovative solutions for projects of all kinds.

To be one of the leading companies in providing integrated construction services characterized by the highest levels of quality and perfection, with our full commitment to innovating and developing the finest urban products according to the latest international standards.


For Gormaz Contracting to maintain its leading position in the contracting industry.

To be the first and most distinguished choice and contributor in the construction sector industry.

To be one of the companies that meet the needs of customers through extensive experience and knowledge in the field of construction and full awareness of the techniques of the contracting industry to contribute to achieving complimentary relationships between Gormaz Contracting and its clients.

Leadership in the development and provision of urban services at the best and most prestigious international and creative levels.