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Who we are

We provide our clients with professional interior, exterior, and planning services. Our work is always efficient in the achievement.

The featured location of Egypt made it an important strategic center for global trade and investments. It helped to attract investors and increase the country’s economic activity in various fields. The contracting industry is one of the essential economic bases for most countries of the world. In Egypt, the contracting industry directly contributes to the country’s economic growth by helping other sectors create more opportunities.

The contracting sector in Egypt is witnessing rapid growth and an increase in the demand for specialized and qualified companies to implement several large projects.

Such works require high professionalism and efficiency in achievement. Gormaz Contracting Company is committed to quality and attention to detail at all levels, enabling us to achieve advanced results consistently.


Gormaz Contracting Company was established according to exceptional standards and deep experience that draw inspiration from our company vision of providing the highest quality and perfection of construction products and services.

Therefore, we have been keen on continuous development to raise the system’s efficiency with strategic policies and plans. We aspire to effectively contribute to enriching our society and gaining the trust of our customers by establishing the principles: credibility, professionalism, and commitment.


Our Experience

Gormaz has extensive experience and reputation as a company that can complete complex and delicate construction projects, including building works, interior and exterior finishes, and mechanical works. Gormaz Contracting is one of the Egyptian companies specialized in contracting works with its various specialties. As one of the essential pillars in the contracting sector.

Our Message

Our company implements construction projects with the highest international standards, provides the best services, markets distinguished development ideas in all economic sectors, and transforms them into tasks with developmental dimensions.

We focus on what we have achieved by utilizing our resources and through our comprehensive understanding of market requirements and working hand in hand with the client. Hence, we can provide complete solutions in our field.

We are working to stimulate the pace of sustainable growth for our business.


Employing the accumulated experiences of the company since its inception, the ancient name and the continuous trust of the customer, the implementation of high-level projects, and the provision of integrated designs and innovative engineering solutions in the field of engineering, civil contracting, water infrastructure, mechanical works, finishes, and internal and external finishing works through our reliance on three values: human resources, innovation, And passion for work.

Gormaz Contracting Company seeks to find and adopt advanced construction ideas and products that keep pace with the aspirations of customers and allies to achieve the optimal return by focusing on the structure, always working on innovation and continuous development.